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Galen Glen Vineyards

Sarah and Galen Troxell planted a vineyard in a cool and remote corner of Schuylkill County in the Lehigh Valley.  What has blossomed there are some of the most compelling aromatic white wines in the region, but they have broken away from the mainstream by experimenting with the Austrian varieties Gruner Veltliner and Zweigelt.  The results have been impressive!  They are thoughtful and creative winegrowers.  The one quote i remember best from Galen is, "if i knew how much I didn't know when I got started, I could have gotten to where I am in half the time."  Growing wine is about filling a knowledge gap, but having the vision and creativity to do something extraordinary.  Dave Falchek, our resident wine journalist and industry cheerleader, has written a fine story about the Troxells that appears in the Mar/Apr Vineyard and Winery Management.  Click HERE to read it. (3.15.13)

You may also want to read a Wines and Vines article "Sunny Site + Gravity Flow = Quality Wine" about Blair Vineyards, where Rich Blair is seeking the Holy Pinot Grail in nearby Kutztown. 

Pennsylvania Wine Marketing and Research Program

There are a lot of people who devote extra time to the wine industry and work quietly in the background. I have the ultimate regard for these individuals because they help the community, not just themselves.  PWMRP is the marketing order to the wine industry and it’s almost 10 years old.  It’s one of the best things that the wine industry has ever done for itself.  The program charge generates funds to support marketing, research and education projects that benefit everyone in the wine industry.  It is administered by PDA and we should express our gratitude to Lela Reichart, Jennifer Lesh and others for their support and devotion to the ongoing success of PWMRP. You don’t hear very much about it, and hopefully that will soon change, but current president Karl Zimmerman from Shade Mountain Vineyards has written a summary of PWMRP activities. Please read it and support PWMRP!! 

A National Source of Peer-reviewed Viticulture Information

There is a new national viticulture website that is a collaborative effort between extension educators across the country.  It is housed in the "E" extension system at USDA that covers a wide range of agricultural crops.  The Grape Community of Practice is a peer-reviewed information resource that provides fact sheets, frequently asked questions and news and information at the local and national level.  It also features and "Ask the Expert" service.  It is an excellent resource for beginner to advanced grape growers alike.  You can find it at  (4.12.11)